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Balance Package - 3.5 hoursWellness Package - 5 hoursHarmony Package - 5 hoursR Club MembershipElemental Nature MassageAhh...Shiatsu MassageChakra Balancing MassageCopperfalls Signature Facial - 90 MinElemental Nature Facial - 60 MinCopperfalls Signature Rose Pedicure - 90 MinFoot Relieving Pedicure - 60 MinGift Certificate

Balance Package - 3.5 hours

Indulge yourself from head to toe. Our Balance Package includes a one hour Elemental Nature Facial, one hour Elemental Nature Massage, Foot Relieving Pedicure and spa lunch. It’s the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate. – $220

Harmony Package - 5 hours

When you need to tend to more than just appearance, experience our Harmony Package. After a Copperfalls Signature Facial, one and a half hour massage, Copperfalls Signature Rose Pedicure and spa lunch, you will be refreshed and invigorated. – $290

Wellness Package - 5 hours

The ultimate in personal care. Our Wellness Package includes a Dual Exfoliation Facial with a Renewing Neck and Décolleté Treatment and Restorative Eye Treatment, a Beautifying Body Wrap and 30 minute massage. A spa lunch is included, the most decadent five hours! – $355

R Club Membership

Reducing stress is essential, as it has been documented that stress is a major contributor to poor health. Spa treatments are geared toward reducing stress by easing various aches, pains, and increasing circulation and blood flow. Our treatments at Copperfalls begin and end with deep aromatic breathing which also brings a sense of calm. Given the recent findings and our company beliefs, we have created R Club. R Club is a program designed to fit your wellness needs throughout the year with a monthly massage or facial. – 60 min membership/$75 per month, 90 min membership/$94 per month

Elemental Nature Massage

Our Elemental Nature Massage restores healthy balance immediately by focusing on different areas of the body that are associated with different elements; infinity, air, fire, water and earth. By connecting these areas through hands-on work, therapists can help balance these elements and create a completely customized massage experience. – 30 min/$65, 60 min/$90, 90 min/$115

Ahh . . Shiatsu Massage

An adaptation of ancient Asian barefoot massage, this technique uses slow, broad strokes with the feet to reach deep into the muscles. Supported by wooden bars suspended over the massage table, the therapist uses their feet to give you a massage that is finally deep enough! – 30 min/$65, 60 min/$90, 90 min/$115

Chakra Balancing Massage

The Chakra system is an Ayurveda system made up of seven energy points. Aveda Chakra Balancing Massage combines pure flower and plant essences with a variety of massage techniques to relax the body, ease muscle tension, soothe the mind and bring balance to the chakra system. A very spiritual experience that will touch your mind and body! – 30 min/$65, 60 min/$90, 90 min/$115

Copperfalls Signature Facial

This luxurious treatment is so much more than a facial. You begin the treatment with a back massage and treatment that will relax all your tensions and prepare you to fully experience your facial. We address your specific skin care needs emphasizing cleansing, exfoliation and hydration. It then ends with a soothing scalp and foot massage. It’s a full body luxurious experience that you have to try! – $115/series of 6 $575

Elemental Nature Facial

Our Elemental Nature facial restores healthy balance to your skin immediately by addressing specific skin issues that coincide with different elements; infinity, air, fire, water and earth. We are able to give you a completely customized skin care experience that will give you real, long lasting renewal. – $90/series of 6 $450

Copperfalls' Signature Rose Pedicure

Same pampering as our Foot Relieving Pedicure with a rose-infused masque on the lower leg and rose-infused paraffin bath for the feet. A wonderfully hydrating experience. Total indulgence. – $80

Foot Relieving Pedicure

Relax in a throne with vibrating pulse points while your feet soak in aroma-therapeutic bath salts. The feet and lower legs are scrubbed, hydrated, groomed and massaged with invigorating products. Finish with polish. – $60