SCHEDULE: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (and occasionally, Sundays)

EXPERIENCE: I am a  licensed massage therapist and master bodyworker. I have three years of experience accentuated by ten years as an Elite Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. I have an athletic background as a track and field athlete and sponsored BMX and mountain bike competitor at the expert and professional level.

SPECIALTY: I love to do very relaxing and yet therapeutic massage when necessary and within the scope and parameters of the five star experience at Copperfalls. My massage often time consists of long flowing strokes and can be varied from light to deep in pressure. I am very compassionate and attentive to my clients and relate and communicate (listen) well with each and every person I am honored and blessed to serve. I am familiar with energy work and blend very soothing massage into orthopedic massage and postural awareness and corrective exercises into each session always following with progressions in future sessions .

get to know tom

Who would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island?

My dog

Where would you love to travel?

Where WOULDN’T I like to travel!? I’ve been around the world but I have not yet and would love to go to Japan, North-Eastern Europe, south of France, Italy, Greenland, Iceland ….

What is your number one most played song?

Depends on my mood. I love many genres of music!  Can’t go wrong with the Beatles.

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