Hand Relieving Manicure - 45 Min
Leaves hands beautiful and younger looking through exfoliation of the skin and minimizing of the cuticle. A relaxing hand/arm massage and polish are included. Hands are visibly softer and smoother.  – $30
Copperfalls' Signature Rose Manicure - 60 Min
Same pampering as our Hand Relieving Manicure with a rose-infused masque on the lower arm and rose-infused paraffin dip for the hands. A wonderfully hydrating experience. – $50
Gel Manicure

A manicure that last up to 14 days without damage to your nails.

60 Minutes $45
Removal: 15 Minutes (if application is from Copperfalls) $10
Removal: 30 Minutes (if application is not from Copperfalls) $20

The clouded mind

sees nothing.

The Shadow


Foot Relieving Pedicure - 60 Min
Relax in a throne with vibrating pulse points while your feet soak in aroma-therapeutic bath salts. The feet and lower legs are scrubbed, hydrated, groomed and massaged with invigorating products. Finish with polish. – $60
Copperfalls' Signature Rose Pedicure - 90 Min
Same pampering as our Foot Relieving Pedicure with a rose-infused masque on the lower leg and rose-infused paraffin bath for the feet. A wonderfully hydrating experience. Total indulgence. – $80

Maintenance Manicure or Pedicure

A necessity to maintaining healthy hands and feet in between any of our manicure/pedicure services. Includes filing, trimming cuticles and polish.

Polish Change 15 Minutes / $12
Add French Polish to Mani or Pedi $10

Available Add-ons

15 minute add-on luxuries to nail services:

Hand Paraffin $10
Foot Paraffin $15
Chakra Foot Massage $15
Hot Stone Massage $15
Nail Art $5 – $25